Jungle Beats – The Soul Of Nature – a Property of Wayanad Ranches, located in a valley place with a water stream at the end. we at Jungle Beats have come a long way and are constantly improving our offerings to make your stay with us, a memorable one. Jungle Beats stands for the best-in-its-class for privacy, comfort, luxury, safety, and in all – a great place that gives you so much to create, treasure and take home with. We welcome you to experience the best of your trip with us at Wayanad, Kerala.

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LUXURIOUS Jungle Hideouts

Jungle Beats is a nature retreat dedicated to the finer things in life—beauty, tranquility, and gastronomic delights.
Our hideouts are blending with the nature with the luxurious atmosphere.

There will be something for you to treasure everyday that you spend with us.



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